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Fixed Windows

Picture or fixed windows are generally very easy to manufacture since they involve less mechanisms. Nonetheless, if you want to make the whole window a picture window, the major factors to consider are aesthetics and ventilation. Fixed windows don’t open since their purpose is to offer unlimited natural light and a beautiful view while protecting your house from harsh weather conditions throughout the year.

Fixed Low Profile Windows

We offer 2 styles of stationary windows. One is our Fixed Casement and the other is our Low Profile. Since these windows do not open they are your best option for energy efficiency and are perfect for letting in natural light without any unobstructed views. They can be used on their own for rooms where ventilation isn’t needed or joined with an operating window to create your own unique look. Our Fixed Casement is designed to match our Casement/Awning frames to give you multiple design combinations while our Low Profile is designed to match our Sliders/Hung for endless configurations.


Awning Windows

Awning windows are so called because of the awning effect they have at home. These windows are becoming increasingly popular because homeowners can keep them open while enjoying the magnificent views no matter the weather conditions. Awning windows are weather resistant and help protect the interior of your home. They are an excellent choice if you need lots of ventilation without compromising on the home’s safety and security.

Casement Windows

Casement and Awning windows are becoming more and more popular in todays market due to the they’re superior energy efficiency, excellent ventilation and beauty. Our casements open a full 90 degrees which maximizes ventilation and and allows for easy cleaning from the comfort of your home. All our casements and awnings come with our multipoint locking system which provides extra security and peace of mind to our customers by locking in 2 to 4 places depending on size. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional style, with casements and awnings there are many combinations that will work for you.

single slider.png

Single Slider Windows

For those customers wanting a more clean, streamlined look we offer a single sliding window. With this window there is one stationary glass and 1 sliding sash which also tilts in for easy cleaning. This window is great for basements, bathrooms and larger bedroom windows. For those extra large openings where ventilation is key we offer an endvent slider. This window has 2 sashes on the ends which slide towards the middle so you can maximize the airflow in your home. Just like the double and single sliders the sash also tilt in for easy cleaning. All our sliding windows come with a triple weather seal to guarantee a perfectly sealed windows against air and water.

Double Slider Windows

Double slider windows can be an excellent choice for almost any home because you can open the window from either side. Our Windows offers and installs double slider windows, giving homeowners lots of options for their new construction or for their existing homes.
Our sliding windows offers you a more affordable energy efficient option rather then casements/awnings. Sliding windows are a great option for those customers looking for great ventilation, effortless operation, and practicality. With our double sliders both sashes slide horizontally and tilt which means you can maximize the air flow, which is great for large or small rooms in your home. When it comes time to cleaning it doesn’t get any easier. Thanks to our locking shoe design just tilt the sashes inward and your able to clean the inside and outer layer of glass which means no more ladders and hoses trying to spray the windows clean.

single hung.jpg

Single Hung Windows

For those customers looking for a traditional window with and modern design we offer our single hungs. With it’s flat smooth profile you get the best of both worlds. Just like the double hung they are coil balanced for an effortless operation and the sash tilts in for easy cleaning. Unlike the double hung the single has 1 operating sash, and the top panel is fixed. This allows for clean lines that you would expect from a modern look while at the same time boosts your energy ratings due to the fact there is only 1 operable sash. All our single hung windows come with the same weather seal design as our double hung windows so you can rest assured your windows are perfectly sealed against the elements.

Double Hung Windows

Our double hung windows are another option for those customers looking for an affordable, energy efficient, quality window. With our double hung windows, you get a more traditional, classic look. With it’s smooth operation due to our coil balance system and tilt in sash capabilities cleaning is a breeze which is making double hungs more popular. The double hung comes with 2 sashes that slide up and down independently from each other which gives you total control of airflow in your home. All our double hung windows come with our triple weather seal design that ensures your windows are perfectly sealed.


Bay Window

Are you considering designing your new home or upgrading your older home? Windows are an integral part of any home’s overall design. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of the benefits various types of windows can offer. A longtime favourite among homeowners, the bay window, offers a number of impressive benefits. You can boost your home’s appearance, value, energy savings and more by installing these multi-functional windows in your home.

Bay windows are a popular choice in kitchens, bedrooms and study rooms for their extra seating, magnificent views and for enhancing room ventilation. With their timeless design, bay windows are an excellent choice for both modern and traditional homes in Ontario. Whether you are looking for a serene study environment, somewhere to grow your indoor plants or a comfortable place for you and your pet to relax, bay windows can give you the additional space you need.

Bay windows provide extra seating inside, natural light and more importantly a little charm to every house. Bay windows are made up of 3 panels where there is a large middle stationary window with either casements or double hung on the ends for ventilation.

Bow Windows

Bow Windows are a very important part of any home. Unfortunately, some people are unaware of the benefits of having fully functional windows. One of the main benefits is allowing natural light into the home, which is actually important for our existence. We, as humans, are unable to see well in the dark, so without windows, more and more artificial lights would be required and energy bills would increase drastically. Additionally, natural light is good for your eyes and windows can also help enhance airflow in your house.

Bow windows provide extra seating inside, natural light and more importantly a little charm to every house. Bow windows consist of 4 or 5 equal size panels and each unit can be operable or stationary depending on the customers needs.

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